Lorna Glover Records Bach Cello Suites

Violinist Lorna Glover has lived in Amsterdam for 35 years. Toronto born and raised she went on to study with Joseph Gingold after which she joined the Toronto Symphony. Since moving to Amsterdam in the late 70’s she has been a violinist with Frans Breuggen’s Orchestra of the 18th Century. Lorna has also spent years performing and recording Bachs solo Partitas and Sonatas for violin. She has owned a Prentice viola since 1995 and bought a smaller 15 1/2″ model a couple of years ago. Lately Lorna has been playing the Bach cello suites on viola and has recorded No. 1 in G major. She brings a lifetime of experience and consideration to the string music of J S Bach. It is available on iTunes.

New Recording Featuring a David Prentice Viola

New Recordings Feature Prentice Instrument

Two recent recordings became available in 2010. The first features the violin sonatas of 1660 by Pandolfi performed by Mark Fewer violin, Myron Lutzke violincello and Ken Slowik harpsichord. A relatively unknown composer, Pandolfi’s music is brought ecstatically to life in this vibrant recording released by the Smithsonian Chamber Music Society. FoM 36-802. Mark Fewer plays a violin made in 2004 by David Prentice and uses a bow by Max Kasper of Halifax NS from 2007. The CD is available online at: http://smithsonianchambermusic.org/recordings/fom/pandolfi-violin-sonatas-1660

The second recording features the playing of Barry Shiffmnan and friends, a CD that is part of The Glenn Gould School Masters Series 10.11. On this recording Barry Shiffman plays a viola made by David Prentice. The music: Brahms Sonata in F minor, Osvaldo Golijov: K’vakarat, Andriessen: Rememberingthat Sarabande. Also included is Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence with Barry playing violin, a Zygmontowicz.This recording is available through The Royal Conservatory in Toronto.

Adam Romer Principal Viola in City of Birmingham

Following sojourns as Principal with the Gewandhaus Orchestra and Berlin Radio Orchestra Adam Romer has landed in England as principal violist with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Adam will take up his duties beginning March 2009 and will be subbing in the interim with the CBSO. Adam plays a 16 1/2″ Maggini model viola made by David Prentice in 2001. Congratulations to Adam and his wife Miki, a violinist, who will be working with the English Consort and the Gabrielli Consort.

Banff Centre Purchases Two Violas

The Banff Centre has purchased two violas made in 2007 by David Prentice. The instruments will be part of the Music and Sound Instrument Bank. One is a 16 1/4 ” Andrea Guarneri model and the second a 16 1/2″ Maggini model. Barry Shiffman, director of the music program said that the violas were just what they were looking for . One instrument will be lent out to emerging artists while the other will be kept at the Centre for visiting players to use. He indicated that the Guarneri model was the kind of viola that may lure violinists over to the dark side.

Shiffman First Viola in Recording of Verklarte Nacht

Shiffman First Viola in Recording of Verklarte Nacht

Barry Shiffman can be heard playing his new Prentice viola in a performance of Verklarte Nacht at the Montereal Chamber Festival by following the link below. He is playing a Maggini model viola made in 2006. The second violist is playing an original Maggini viola. The other instruments were high vintage Italian violins and cellos.


Scott St John and Sinfonia Concertante with TSO

Scott St John and his sister Lara will perform Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on January 20 & 21 2007. Scott who is now second violinist with the St Lawrence String Quartet asked if I could loan him a viola for the concert as scheduling was making it awkward to arrive in Toronto with a violin and a viola. He will use a 16 1/2 ” Maggini model viola that I have recently finished.