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David Prentice builds instruments from the advancing students to the demanding soloist, and all in between. Regardless of auditions, competitions and/or solo performances, Prentice instruments meet all the demands required for success. If you’re looking to try our instruments, please get in touch with us through our Contact Page or by filling out the contact form below. Instruments are available for immediate purchase through our shop in Flesherton, ON or through our direct representative located in Las Vegas, NV. Instruments can also be built for you on a commission basis. – David Prentice Violins and Violas.

David Prentice’s work includes high quality replicas of old Italian instruments and personal shaped models based on the works by Peter Guarneri, Del Gesu, Maggini, and Montagnana, to name a few. We invite you to hear recordings featuring instruments made by David Prentice by visiting our Media Page. For pictures of David Prentice’s work, please visit the Violin and Viola Gallery.

Current Violin Models: Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesu, Montangnana, Peter Guarneri

Current Viola Models: Andrea Guarneri, Maggini, Gasparo Da Salo, and other Brescian Styles and Cutaway Violas

Availability and Pricing

The David Prentice Shop in Flesherton, ON and the Las Vegas, NV location both keep select instruments available for trial and purchase. When available, instruments can be sent to you for trial within the continental US and Canada. Musicians setting up a trial are¬†asked to pay outbound shipping, and we’ll pay the return. In case you’d like to keep the instrument, we will then bill you for the remaining sales price of the instrument.

Contact us if you’d like to try out an instrument or visit the shop.

Current Prices: Current prices are between $18 – $22,000 with additional discounts given to students. Contact us for more information.


Commissioning an instrument can be a great way to find an instrument that meets your particular needs and demands. We recommend getting in touch with David Prentice to discuss in detail what you are looking for. This process is risk-free and without commitment. Contact Mr. Prentice for more information.

Maintenance and Warranty

David Prentice is committed to every instrument he makes. All instruments made by David Prentice are taken care of through tonal adjustments, long-term maintenance, and/or repairs. Please contact Mr. Prentice directly for more information.

Note: Clients who decide to sell their instruments should contact us directly. We will take instruments back on a consignment basis. Again, contact us for detailed information.